Weatherproof, waterproof and other nice words.....

What is weatherproof or all-weather?

Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java. For the hiker a weatherproof camera is an excellent choice; a drop of rain won't render the camera useless. What follows is a somewhat technical explanation of what the weatherproof camera can handle and what will make it 'kaput'.
Read on if you are really, really interested:

Quote from Instructions Manual (Olympus Stylus Epic):
"....This camera is weatherproof; however, it is not designed for underwater use. Please note the following warnings and use the camera correctly.
1) The camera can withstand splashing water (e.g., seaside, swimming pool side, etc.)
2) The camera can be used in the rain.
3) And in snow.
4) Do not wash the camera.
5) Do not submerge the camera or attempt to take pictures underwater...."
end quote

Okay, what does this all mean?
The Olympus Stylus Epic has an IP rating second numeral (protection against liquids) of 4: the higher the number, the better the protection!
The protection includes all previous protections, i.e. protection
4 protects against 3 and 2 and 1, as well as 4.
IP rating? What's that?
This table explains the IP rating one-by-one; and judging by this, a non-weatherproof camera probably scores a 0, or a 1 at best. Remember, the Stylus Epic was a 4! Excellent!

The numbers:

0 = No protection
1 = Vertically dripping water
2 = 75°-90° angled dripping water
3 = Sprayed water
4 = Splashed water ("Water splashed against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effect.")
5 = Water jets
6 = Powerful water jets
7 = Temporary immersion
8 = Continuous immersion



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