Taking a knife along a hike is a pretty good idea. It will serve as a tool to cut many things; from sausage to cord, from wood to toe nails. Which one to take? The Swiss Army Knife (a.k.a. McGuiver knife!) is always popular and a safe bet. It's good quality, and all-in-one — and as many tools as your heart desires.

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Swiss Army Knives

Beretta Airlight

Puma Knife

Credit Card Knife & Tool Kit *

More to come....

*Special note on Credit Card Tool Kits: The problem with the cards, is that the tools are not attached to the main 'body'. The core idea for the Swiss Army Knife is to attach all tools together, so to be compact and lightweight. The problem with the Swiss Card and other credit card style tool kits: the individual tools can be misplaced & lost! Besides, not very effective tools & too small to be any good.

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