Flashlights compared in more detail (in no particular order)


The more points, the better....





 Light Intensity


 Rayovac Pen Light

8.0 g* (0.28 oz*)


Not very sturdy


 4 points

 0.28oz!!! Not very sturdy, bad thread attachment. Switch is good. Good bulb life. Cheap. * after modification (stainless steel clip & paint removed!)

 Mini Maglite®

59.3 g (2.10 oz)


Very strong

Good adj. beam!

 3 points

 Very robust - you can run it over with a car! Relatively short bulb life. Very popular, available in many colours.

 Flashlight Solitaire®

12.4 g (0.44 oz)


Very strong

Good adj. beam!

 4 ¼ points

 Very robust - you can run it over with a car! Relatively short bulb life. One 'AAA' has it's limitations.
 Headlight Wal-Mart

139.2 g (4.91 oz)


Seems okay

Strong beam-no flood

 2 ¼ points

 Good, cheap headlight; no flood, only extreme spot! Too heavy, and a headlight may not be suitable for night hiking.

 Headlight Petzl Micro

90.3 g (3.19 oz)


Well made


 3 ¼ points

 Good lightweight headlight; has flood. The optional halogen bulb will drain batteries in 30 minutes!

 GE Navigator®

71.8 g (2.53 oz)



Nice spot, bad pattern!

2½ points

Cheap flashlight. Krypton bulb. Horrible light pattern (bright outside ring is very confusing).

 Brinkman MaxMillion®

1590.0 g (56.00 oz)



1'000'000 candles!

 ¼ points

 Amazingly bright, but maybe one or two fewer candle-power would be good enough! Over-the-top, and here just for fun.

 Kilite® LED

19.2 g (0.68 oz), incl. bat.



I see red!

3 points

0.68 oz incl. batteries!  I personally couldn't stand the red light, but for the size and weight, quite amazing. Maybe as a spare light?

 Kriana Krill® 180 Xtreme

25.9 g (0.91 oz)




 3½ points

Battery life=50 hours!!! Not tested in the field yet. Good for close-ups bad for lighting up in the distance. Unbreakable; but my first one did!

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